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Martin ‘Scorsese‘ Eñez:

A frustrated film director; penniless after investing everything he had in a last ditch attempt to hit the big time with a feature film called “the freudian zombies”. After leaving the film with only a discarded camera to his name Martin went looking for a way to earn some money and pay his debts. He first tried to set up a webcam business but his manager told him he would have to shave which he flat refused. Martin is not the kind of guy to sell out his artistic integrity for that small amount of money.

I always had so many great projects and nobody wanted to listen about them. But I thought, there has to be someone out there who is interested, the problem is how to find him. And then I realized that having my ideas posted in youtube would be amazing because then I could force everyone to watch them, like the cats do, and when this specific person looks at it, it would be love at first sight.

Stealing this camera on my last day was the best idea I ever had!

“You Me We is like a dating site for classified ads”


Jerry ‘ask questions later‘ Melgar:

Just like Martin, Jerry had spent his life refusing to sell out his artisitc integrity, and, just like Martin now found himself broke, and at the bottom of a gutter. But, finally being able to utilise that physics degree, from his new vantage point among the piss, shit and puke of London’s glitterati, he was finally able to see the stars for what they were and plot his course betwixt them to take his place among the profits.

I am passionate about bringing people together to work for a common goal. Unless they are terrorists, then they can go to twitter. This platform helps us bring together billions of people using other people’s infrastructure and not having to pay a penny for it. We really can’t lose and I am sure there are even a few suckers out there who will go for the full premium package. I mean, contractually, we could give them back 1,000 disney dollars and they wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on. We’ll be printing money

You Me We is like getting paid to drive a boat, while you sit at home and someone else drives the boat.

I never thought people could be so stupid but being wrong is just another opportunity to learn.