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s01e09 You Me We will keep a secret

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s01e09 You Me We will keep a secret

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Graphic content warning!

Do not watch if you are pregnant or prone to farting at the sight of blood!

So every one of us dreams that we can be heroes. That inside our hearts burns the strength and courage of a lion and when the time comes, that will be our time to shine. The trouble is, not all of us will face a test tough enough to bring out the best in us.

YouMeWe have faced that test. The results are in; we passed.

This episode was the hardest we had to film, not least because we had to spend one hour in silent prayer before we could even start shooting, but also because of the shocking events at the end. When you lose something as important as a Nikon D3x things like children being locked in basements and men ripping their guts open with a butcher’s knife seem to pale in comparison.

But we will pull through. Using the money we will make selling this story to the newspapers, we will get a camera that is even better and come back even stronger to deliver the message to all who can hear that whatever you want, all you need to do is ask and you shall receive.

Stay tuned & stay classy.

lots of love,



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