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You Me We will keep a secret – teaser

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You Me We will keep a secret – teaser

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Hi, please pay no attention to the sounds behind the curtain.

I am looking for a nanny for my children. Of course, I am not saying have any children, but if I did I would probably need a nanny. She has to be good looking and confident, also able to keep a confidence, you know, not go blabbing about all over town about kids in this basement and kids in that basement. There are no kids in any basement, that would be against the Gods’ law.

A man’s home is his castle and my castle has a dungeon so what? There are no kids there, it is perfectly empty, why would I lie.

So getting back to this nanny, please watch my full video for a list of requirements and again the confirmation that I have no children, but do need a nanny.

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