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s01e08 – finding a lady for Mr Giggles

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s01e08 – finding a lady for Mr Giggles

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YouMeWe would like you to meet:

Sammy, Mother & Mr Giggles

Oh Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. There is money and money is good but sometimes it makes you feel dirty. Sammy paid the full fluffy animal package but although we liked that money and we liked spending it on white powder and green leaves but maybe, just maybe, it would have been better spent on a therapist or some really really strong anti-psychotic medications.

Having said that, look at the cute wittly kittly, it’s so cutey wutey and lovely wovely I just want to stroke it and wash it and throw it in the bin and set the bin on fire and send the ashes into space and fly it in the direction of the sun and never ever, ever have to remember that face and those claws and those teeth again.

Although, having said that, we were paid for a service so Pimp your Pussies and send them Sam’s way, the older the better.

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