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Ainghus Bent

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Ainghus surrounded by a few of his favourite things

Ainghus surrounded by a few of his favourite things


Hi Ainghus,

tell us, how has the responses to your video been?

Well you know what, I can know honestly say I know what The Weather girls were singing about when they said it’s raining men, you wouldn’t believe how many men want to pitch into this workshop idea and some of them aren’t even married!

So the ball is rolling? The wheels are in motion?

There are certainly a lot of balls in the air right now but things will settle down a bit, right now we’re very much trying to find out what fits where, where might we need to squeeze a few more in and and if the uniform was a good idea after all. In fact the boys who answered my and seem to be just as intererested in designing a fabulous new outfit for the club as I am. And that is saying something.

And the construction? What about that, that must be the hardest part.

Well I have to tell you I met four lads who are all interested and one of them just happens to be a construction worker, he’s is going to do the place up with the other three. I am not sure one of them will be very handy, he’s a native american indian, all they know how to make are teepees and trouble.

And what about the wood? have you mananged to get your hands on any?

Have I what? It’s all I’ve been doing, all these men who’ve answered my call are bringing their own pieces, letting me get a feel of them, making sure they don’t go soft from maybe being exposed to too much water or getting nibbled at by little mites.

So you would say your video was a success?

I would say so, you know some of these people have introduced me to things about myself I never would have guessed on my own. I mean, I always knew I loved a good piece of hard wood, but I also love rubber and leather and working with metal, too, making chains. One of the lads thinks it would be a grand idea if we have a few cages, maybe for Halloween or something we could have the younger ones dress up as slave dancers or something. It’ll be a right laugh I am sure. You’re invited, I couldn’t have done it without you. You’ll be the guests of honour. We can even see about making you your own cages, or a nice swinging chair.

I think it would honour us enough if you spread the word, tell your friends.

I have been alright, every one who’s calling i ask them, You Me We? and they all know about it, they are fans, they all want to meet up, have some drinks, see where it goes from there. Those three words have worked wonders for me.

We are always happy to help someone who has given us money to do so.

Well I have to be off now, I am meeting my first You Me We friend, he’s asked me to bring a snorkel, maybe we’re going swimming.

I think you would like our good friend Golden Showers

You know what with a name like that I sure there is no way I couldn’t.

Did that whet your whistle? Get in touch! You+Me=We