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Sylvia Castellon

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Semi-professional Opera singer Sylvia Castellon practicing scales

Semi-professional Opera singer Sylvia Castellon practicing scales

Hi again Sylvia,

Dear, dear friends, I welcome you, I meet you at your level, you are welcome.

Are you happy?

I think the word happy implies sad, it is binary, I am always at a level that you people might call happy but is that happy? Is that your happy who experience the downs that a person not so touched by creativity, through whom creativity doesn’t pulsate like an electric toothbrush. Is that happy? I call it Sylvia.

Are you happy with the video?

Do you know the funny thing, I only put Spanish subtitles on my video. I requested that because I very much wanted it to have the aesthetic of a foreign film, I also wanted black and white but they told me they don’t make that kind of film any more, which is a shame because I wanted to shoot my next Vine video in 70mm Black and White Imax.

You Me We thinks it is better that people get to see you in glorious technicolour.

Of course I would have been in colour, you know, like the little girl in Schindler’s List, I am that girl, a survivor. But anyway, looking for people who can’t hear the words and only writing them down in Spanish lead to a lot of calls from people who could only speak Spanish and couldn’t hear my words telling them that I don’t understand or speak Spanish, I mean how could I, while Cuba is under blockade I can not learn their language, it is a legitimate protest.

So things haven’t worked out so well so far?

I wouldn’t say that, it gave me the idea for my new show, ME NO HABLA SPANISHO where I invite people to converse with me in Spanish and then shout loudly in their faces that I don’t speak Spanish. I think it says a lot about the state of the world we are in, it might be my most powerfully political show to date and then who knows, the room is still free, maybe Shia is looking for somewhere, see’s my show, moves in, we get married, become the first artists to perform mime on the moon. Moome.

Well that sounds great, and we look forward to watching you through our telescopes and from very very far away.

Namaste, Shia, Just Do IT! call me.

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