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s01e06 exceeding your cockxpectations

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s01e06 exceeding your cockxpectations

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YouMeWe would like you to meet:

Igor Igyanovich, CCS, AMCSI, FRSCH, MFBSCA

Igor runs a very successful business but every entrepreneur is hungry for more, and Igor is no exception. He wants to go from good to great the only way the knows how; sitting more cocks and giving those cocks the best damn service they’ve ever seen.

When a man makes his passion his life there is no way he can not succeed but if you tell Igor not to do something you can be sure he will find a way. Igor has studied at the feet of many of the world’s most renowned cock masters and has built up quite a reputation himself for sitting champion cocks such as ‘El Grande‘ and ‘Mohel’s Worst Nightmare‘ but don’t trust us, try it for yourself and let his service speak for itself!

If you have to leave your cock at only one cock sitter this year, make it Cock of the Walk Enterprises, the only cock sitter with a special perfume that will leave your cock smelling like roses.

To get your special discount rates as a valued YouMeWe member call today and quote the discount code ‘Polished Helmet‘ to your sales representative.

Did that whet your whistle? Get in touch! You+Me=We