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s01e04 sharing a pair of shoes

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s01e04 sharing a pair of shoes

On January 8, 2016, Posted by , In full episodes, With No Comments

YouMeWe would like you to meet:

A Very Private Ed

Ed is a bit like Richard Kimbal from the Fugitive, except he hasn’t been accused of murdering his wife and is looking for a one-legged man rather than a one-armed assassin. In fact, Ed is sick of always having a extra shoe, not to mention the cost of all those shoes into which no foot will fit, a hundred lonely leather loafers missing their Cinderella.

This video is for all of our users with one foot or a love of mixing matched pairs of shoes to create a look a la Kriss Kross, who will make you jump, jump, unless you have one leg, in which case, Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac will collectively will make you hop, hop.

Ed will explain his foot and then take part in our patented 100-point dating questionnaire which gets right to the heart of his … heart.

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