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s01e03 Men being men, together

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s01e03 Men being men, together

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YouMeWe would like you to meet:

Ainghus Bent

There are times in life when you meet someone who can’t help but tell you exactly what they want. There are also times when you can’t help but think that what they want may not necessarily be what they need. This is one such case.

Ainghus came to us professing his love of wood in all of its shapes, sizes and of course, cut and uncut. This is a deep love we have no reason to doubt, but as Freud would attest, while greedily sucking on a fat cigar, the transference of desires for the real and living to something inanimate and penis shaped is a powerful tool in our mind’s box of self-protecting tricks.

If after watching the video you think you can give Ainghus what he needs, get in touch and through your shared love of wood, men and the son of god, we are sure that together you will learn the way to happiness can be found through by going through the back door.

Did that whet your whistle? Get in touch! You+Me=We