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Men being men, together – teaser

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Men being men, together – teaser

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Oh High there now,

it’s just me, Aignhus, Bent by name but certainly not by nature, no matter what that awful cow at number seven might be telling you now. You know better than to listen to her, she drinks, and she beats her little ones like they were dusty rugs hung up on a line.

I am just a man, who likes to hang around with at least twelve other men, and work wood. Nothing there that’s not in the bible. JC and his little supper club, turning water into wine and I’m sure after all that wine… well, you can only imagine.

And he did say ‘love all men as I have loved unto them’ didn’t he now, and sure if he wasn’t a lover of all men himself all right.

So anyway, I have this idea about how to get a little privacy, I’d love for you to be involved, especially you, yes you. Not you. You.

Did that whet your whistle? Get in touch! You+Me=We