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You Me We sharing my special place – teaser

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You Me We sharing my special place – teaser

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Oh, I didn’t notice you there.

I’m Sylvia Castellon, but you probably already recognised me from one of my shows and even if not, I do a lot of mask work, I am 100% sure that you have seen one of my shows, I am always creating.

That is why it is hard to find to time to find someone to share my special place, this shoe box of an apartment in the heart of this creative capital. I mean it is only 250 square meters and the terrace is not even big enough for a full bongo orchestra but if you can stand to live in such cramped squalid conditions then AHHHH! you must be a total bohemain like me. I knew it, the universe told me this morning.

So come over, meet my friend, have some organic quinoa and let’s talk about how you are going to pay my rent now that my father has cut off my credit card.

It might get loud (btw, I’m an Opera Singer, I know right!?! :) but that’s ok because if you are who I hope you are that is not one of the senses with which you can feel the world. You are special and if you moved in with me I would be special too.

You will want to watch my video. December 2015

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