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s01e01 Building a startup to heaven

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s01e01 Building a startup to heaven

On December 8, 2015, Posted by , In full episodes, With No Comments

YouMeWe would like you to meet:

Golden Showers

There are some men who were born to lead but in today’s mainly online world how it can sometimes be hard for them to connect to people willing to be led.

Golden Showers came to us to help him bring his passion for building the next big cult to the people in the hope that some of them would find it in their hearts to join him and answer the big questions together. Questions like; Where is heaven? What does it smell like? and the hardest question any new cult has to answer when it comes to defining their identity: beard or no beard?

Watch the full video and if any of his ideas or complete lack thereof floats your belief boat, get in touch! All it takes is passion!

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